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At Nadia Venture we strive to innovate and build the next generation of Web3 and Blockchain Technologies.

Nadia Venture is an enterprise incubator and blockchain advisory company.

We accelerate growth, through our venture capital, advisory and incubation divisions. We support proven founders and emerging entrepreneurs building the blockchain ecosystem by providing the knowledge and expertise to turn your ideas into reality. We offer advisory services to fuel the full life cycle of your blockchain company, working with industry experts who combine specialist market insights with sound fundamental analysis. The result? Access to a world-class advisory team able to support in every aspect of your project.

We provide exemplary service to our clients, and here's what they say;

“If you want to guarantee your projects success you should definitely have a meeting with Nadia Venture, their dedication and hands-on support through the go-to-market and launch phase of Metawear has been invaluable. The team's expertise has been beneficial to the development of Metawear, helping us navigate the launch stage effectively and solving blockers along the way. They have excelled at providing us introductions to Tier 1 launchpads, exchanges and partners. Would recommend Nadia Venture to teams looking for advisors in the blockchain industry to take your project to the next level”

CEO of Metawear - Dr.A.Bahadır Yener

“It's a great pleasure to work with Nadia Venture because of the experience and professional guidance they bring and ideas offered to DigiCorp Labs. We have been able to experience great communication, efficiency, team work and consistency. Besides transparency, other great benefits of working withNadia Venture are the added value brought to DigiCorp, like strategic and advisory advice on tokenomics, marketing and other aspects that are relevant in the process of our launch. Nadia Venture's network is being made available to DigiCorp, and consists of advisors, investors and KOLs. Nadia Venture has advanced our launch/project, they care deeply and prove to be a true partner by always going the extra mile for us”

CEO of Digicorp - Jozua Van Der Deijl

“It’s a pleasure to work with Nadia Venture, I must highlight that their expertise and knowledge have made immense contributions to the development of Metafluence. In fact, they have guided us through many stages of the product implementation that have had particular effect and improvements. While we went through an extensive rebranding period, thanks to Nadia Venture's guidance, we have completed the process smoothly and quite successfully. The team is very supportive and dedicated, which is very encouraging and inspiring for our team. Working with Nadia Venture has been nothing, but delight, and enjoyment.”

CEO of Metafluence - Elvin Aziyev

What we offer:

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Strategic Capital

We will ensure your company meets the investors who will make a difference.

Advisor Alliance

Advisory team specializing in each stage of a project's development who can support you with any query and are available for prompt replies.

Incubation & Acceleration

We work closely with teams following the full life cycle of a project to ensure all challenges have a solution, rapidly unblocking the problems faced in building a blockchain project.

Global Network

You will have full access to our trusted partner network for truly comprehensive support.

Launch Strategy

We will ensure you get the most out of your projects go-to-market and launch phase.

Crisis Support

In the event of a crisis such as hacks and security issues, our team will be there to support you the whole way through.


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Copyright© Nadia Venture All rights reserved | Developed by Fullstop

Copyright© Nadia Venture All rights reserved | Developed by Fullstop